Basic Final Cut Pro X Tutorial

A FREE two-hour tutorial to help you learn Final Cut Pro X | taught by Izzy Hyman

Course description

This FREE Final Cut Pro X tutorial will get you started with editing in this powerful program.

  • It contains 2 hours and 32 minutes of video training.
  • This tutorial is totally free!
  • You can download the practice clips so you can follow along using the same media you see me using in the the tutorial.

I hope this Final Cut Pro X training is helpful. Enjoy!

Izzy Hyman
Izzy Hyman

Course Content

Getting Started
1. Welcome
Practice Clips: Download
2. Getting Started
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Getting Organized
3. Tour of the Interface
4. Select and Rate Clips Footage
5. Keywords
6. Smart Collections
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Start Editing
7. The Different Kinds of Edits
8. Connected Clips
9. Markers
10. Clip Appearance
11. Tools
12. The Precision Editor
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Transitions, Titles, and Effects
13. Transitions
14. Titles
15. Built-In Effects
16. The Ken Burns Effect
17. Video Effects
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Compound Clips, Storylines, and Auditions
18. Generators
19. Compound Clips
20. Storylines
21. Auditions
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Speed Changes, Stabilization, and Color
22. Slow Motion
23. Stabilization
24. Color Correction
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Importing, Exporting, Final Notes
25. Importing
26. Sharing and Exporting
27. Media Management and Conclusion
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Reviews (44)

Basic Final Cut Pro X Tutorial

by Ray Scarborough
Very informative and educational. I learned a lot.


by Mark Deighton
An excellent, clear, concise tutorial and its free. What's not to like.

Excellent job Izzy

by wael hussein
Really excellent work Izzy. Many thanks for sharing this with others. I'm a new new beginner and i learned a lot from it. God bless you
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Basic Final Cut Pro X Tutorial

by Ray Scarborough
Very informative and educational. I learned a lot.


by Mark Deighton
An excellent, clear, concise tutorial and its free. What's not to like.

Excellent job Izzy

by wael hussein
Really excellent work Izzy. Many thanks for sharing this with others. I'm a new new beginner and i learned a lot from it. God bless you

Easy to understand

by Jan van der Mooren
Thank you Izzy, for these free tutotials. For me, as a non native english speaker (dutch to be precise) your pronunciation is clear and easy to follow, which makes it pleasant to be a participant in the learning process. I really enjoyed it and learned to work with fcpx more quickly then I imagined to be possible. I bought your advanced course as well en today I subscribed for the garage band tutorials. I hope a subscription doesn't expire at any moment, since I do have little spare time, so it will last more then a little while to go through all the lessons.

Izzy takes you from staring at the screen to a finished video!

by Max Bogner
Thank you, Izzy, for your incredibly generous and knowledge-filled instructional on FCPX! You really opened up and simplified so many of the nuances of this powerful and complex program! My only complaint is I can only give your course 5 stars—in my book it's a 10! :)) You rock, Mr. Izz! - Max Bogner


by Bill Jasper
Exceedingly well-done but a lot to absorb in one session. I want to go through it again and take more notes. I wish you had spent some time on capturing and enhancing audio. I plan to create documentaries. I have several sound tracks that were captured in a large room with the audio recorder on my video camera. Lots of correction needed. Thanks for this tutorial.

Final Cut Pro X 18 August 2K16

by Waldemar Belczowski
Hi Izzy; This was a good course, I learned from it. Unfortunately I don't have access to hardware at the moment, so I can't apply course info practically. Hopefully that will change soon, and I plan to review this tutorial then. And possibly take a more advanced course later as well. Thank You Waldemar Belczowski

Great Introduction to Final Cut

by Tom Milliken
Very well presented! Clear and concise tutorial.

truly a god send

by leslie Drewery
As an absolute novice, this course saved me days of trial, error and frustration. Well done Izzy it is truly a god send.


by Anneke Develing
This is a really good and clear instruction video! You shows things very well and your English is good to follow for me as well! For me it is clear, I want to buy final cut pro x!!!!

Total 100% course

by kaim merali
Thanks ,what an amazing course!!!

Basic Final Cut Pro X Tutorial

by Duane Kuss
Excellent! I have used Final Cut Pro X off and on since it was first introduced. It's been a year since I last used it and this refresher really hit the mark.

i didn't realise i could still learn some more as a seasoned editor,its wow

by mandlenkosi thebe
5 star course

What What

by Jen Smith
This was well done. Most things I knew but what was amazing is finding hidden things I didn't know. yet so the out there

Basic Final Cut Pro X Tutorial

by karl von kaenel
Well done Izzy.. Fast and informative.. I'll review the tutorial again for the stuff that didn't stick.

Basic Final Cut Pro X Tutorial

by Jason Sarson
Great tutorial, this is a comprehensive introduction and very easy to understand, many thanks Izzy, excellent work.
by xavier Pretre
This tuto is very very very GOOD !!! Thanks a lot Izzy !

Basic Final Cut Pro X Tutorial

by Desire Lilyman
A very simple and introductory tutorial. 5 star explanation. Thanks for sharing.

Very useful.

by Cath K

Awesome course

by Karel Castelein
Very well explained, step by step. Works addicted.

From far away...

by Andres Lopez
I found the tutorial both entertaining and very useful. It would be interesting to see how or where I can get some more!! Thank you Izzy!! And after publishing my comments, I found out! Both on my own and by email, as Izzy replied to my request. Good show!!
by Eli EL

Excellent introduction to Final Cut Pro X

by Matthew Searle
This is one of the best tutorials on software that I've ever seen. Clear, concise and while it covers a broad range of topics, at no point did it feel overwhelming. Do yourself a favour and download the practice clips. It really helps to embed the learning as you follow Izzy through the tutorial.


by Cliff Ponder
Wow! This is a great tutorial, way too good to be free. I've been using iMovie and wanted to transition to Final Cut Pro but felt a little overwhelmed. After watching this series I definitely feel like I've got a firm foundation to start working from. I'll definitely be coming back to take the advanced tutorial.

Great Tutorial!

by Sidney Thurman
I really enjoyed the tutorial! It was very comprehensive and I learned a lot more than I thought I could. I know that with patience and a lot of practice I will quickly get the process down to a science!

The ultimate quick start guide for Final Cut Pro X

by Gil Daspit
Ok, so it's not "quick" in the sense of a 5 - 10 minute video but in terms of what you can learn in a few hours, it's really quick. I feel like Izzy's course helped me learn the new concepts in FCP X as well as recognize the methods FCP X retained from earlier editions (and other Apple software). Izzy's done video editors a great service by providing such good FCP X guidance for free.

Amazing instruction!

by Blaine Feyen
I purchased Izzy's course on Final Cut Pro several years go. I've come back to learn about FCP 10. Izzy is a GREAT teacher! Very thorough without being boring. He has a very thoughtful style and covers everything one needs to know to get the job done. Highly recommended!!

Simple & Easy

by Chris McColl
Easy to follow tutorial! Each clip is not too long so you can do just a few at a time if you prefer. Gives you all the basics you need to do basic video editing

First day with new software

by robin storey
I used to use Final Cut Pro a long time ago. I started using Premiere Pro and have been using that for the past seven or eight years. I don't really like the subscription basis Adobe adopted, it just doesn't suit me , so I thought I would try out Final Cut Pro X. I knew the software had been completely re-designed since I last used it and I also knew that Izzy was the guy to get me up to speed as I used his tutorials for the old version of Final Cut. Izzy's tutorials are so good that by the end of day one I was up and running and had made my first video on Final Cut X. I posted it to my FB account that evening. Thank you Izzy..



The best!

by dave Snyder
Because of your time and effort, I am feeling confident about presenting my videos to prospective clients. Thank you Izzy!

Basic Final Cut Pro X Tutorial

by Wet Inwales
This is the very best tutorial I have found. Outstanding. Izzy Hyman's delivery is good clear English. He has a way of delivering the essentials without it being intimidating. I recommend to everybody. Well done.

best I've come across

by Lou Curelop
Been watching tutorials for days now and this is the best one!! great job Izzy thank you for sharing your knowledge! :)

Simply the very best tutorial for beginners

by John Mutter
This video covers everything you need to get started with Final Cut Pro. It covers the basics very thoroughly then picks up speed after you get the basics down. I loved it.
by taha bensalmia
Awesome tutorial

Sick !!

by Basil Karim
Thanks for putting in the effort !! Awesome tutorial

Basic Final Cut Pro X

by James Woodside
by Hsiangling Wang
Izzy made everything simple, clear and organized. For those who are just beginning to use advanced film editing software, this tutorial is excellent.

Basic Final Cut Pro X Tutorial

by Jeremy Knight
Great primer for us newbies to get right into FCPX. It's obvious you have put A LOT of work in to this. You've done a great job and covered all the key features required for non experts. Great job Izzy. Jeremy