Basic Final Cut Pro X Tutorial for 10.3 with Downloadable Practice Media

A 2.5 hour tutorial to help you learn Final Cut Pro X | taught by Izzy Hyman

Course description

This Final Cut Pro X tutorial will get you started with editing in this powerful program.

It contains 36 videos, totaling 2 hours and 38 minutes of video training.

This version of the course includes downloadable Practice Media.

Also, all the training videos in this course are downloadable so you can watch them offline.

I hope this Final Cut Pro X training is helpful. Enjoy!
Izzy Hyman
Izzy Hyman

Course Content

Basic Final Cut Pro X Course
01. Introduction
02. Getting Ready
Download: Practice Media
Download: Course Videos
03. Importing
04. Tour of the Interface
05. Organizing
06. Keywords
07. Search
08. Playback
09. Types of Edits
10. Adding Music
11. Markers
12. Adjusting Volume
13. Tools
14. Trim Tool
15. Cutaways
16. The Precision Editor
17. Transitions
18. The Flow Transition
19. Titles
20. Gap Clips
21. Built-In Effects
22. Ken Burns Effect
23. Effects
24. Render Files
25. Generators
26. Compound Clips
27. Storylines
28. Auditions
29. Speed Changes
30. Freeze Frames
31. Fine-Tuning
32. Stabilization
33. Color Correction
34. Importing from Cameras
35. Analysis
36. Exporting and Goodbye
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