iMovie Tutorial

A full tutorial to help you get up and running with iMovie 9. | taught by Izzy Hyman

Course description

This iMovie tutorial will get you up and running with iMovie.

  • It contains more than 2 hours of video training.
  • This tutorial is totally free to watch on this site!
  • This tutorial also includes downloadable practice media so you can follow along using the same media you see me use in the videos.

Please note that I used iMovie version 9.0.9 in this tutorial. If you’re using a newer version of iMovie, the interface will be very different. I might update this course eventually, but I have other projects I need to do first.

I hope this iMovie tutorial is helpful to you. Enjoy!

Izzy Hyman
Izzy Hyman

Course Content

Getting Started
1. Welcome
Download Sample Media
2. Importing
3. Tour of the Interface
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The Basics
4. Ratings
5. Editing in iMovie
6. Manage Projects
7. Fine-Tuning
8. Clip Trimmer
9. The Precision Editor
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Transitions and Titles
10. Transitions
11. Titles
12. Credits
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13. Video Effects
14. Color Grading
15. Slow Motion
16. Stabilization
17. Freeze Frames
18. Using Photos
19. Photo Dissolve
20. Animatics
21. Maps
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22. Audio
23. Audio Effects
24. Voice-Overs
25. Music
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More Fun Stuff
26. Exporting
27. Importing
28. Themes
29. Trailers
30. One More Thing
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