Intro to Final Cut Pro X - April 2018

A hybrid tutorial which includes training videos, online workshops, and a discussion group | taught by Izzy Hyman

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Important Note: I've been getting emails from people asking me if they can please still register for this. Because of that, I'm going to keep the registration open a little longer than I had originally planned. You can still register today if you hurry.

This hybrid training includes a blend of three different elements:

  1. The 36 training videos and practice media from my Basic Final Cut Pro X tutorial (normally $49 by itself).
  2. Two live online workshop training sessions.
  3. Access to a Slack Channel for further Q&A and discussion.

This is an excellent option for getting up and running with Final Cut Pro X.

Register today and I'll see you inside!


Are the videos in the course downloadable?

Yes, they are. You can save the videos to your computer for offline use.

Does access to this training expire?

No, it does not expire. Your access will continue as long as my website is up, which hopefully will be for many years into the future.

Is this training for beginners?

Yes, it's for beginners and some intermediate users.

Are the included training videos different from the Basic Final Cut Pro X tutorial for version 10.3?

These are the same videos. This hybrid training includes the 36 videos from the Basic Final Cut Pro X course, along with the live sessions and the Slack channel.

What version of Final Cut Pro X does this cover?

The pre-recorded videos cover version 10.3, and I'll be using the current 10.4 version for the live online sessions.

When will the line online workshops take place?

I usually try to host them on Friday mornings at 11am Arizona time because that time seems to work best for people around the world. I'm currently targeting April 13th and April 27th for the sessions in this training.

What if you've already purchased my Basic Final Cut Pro X (for version 10.3) course before?

Thank you for being a customer! And please check your email for a separate coupon code that will give you a significant discount on this "Intro" course, in case you want access to the online workshops and the Slack channel.

Izzy Hyman
Izzy Hyman

Interested in this course? Email us at